Training with a whole new dimension.

The Slimwall applies the same principle as our COCON cabins by supporting training with high quality, therapeutic infrared. Most exercises with the Slimwall are performed standing, so you can focus on strength and intensity during your workouts. The handy TRX connection makes it possible to perform body weight exercises, so that you can add a new dimension to your workouts.

The Slimwall, summarized.

  • High quality equipment with infrared, mounted on a wall
  • An infinite amount of exercises
  • TRX connection for body weight exercises
  • Perfect for cardio, mobility or strength training
  • ORIUM Fit, a complete digital training platform.

Find out what our Slimwall can do for you.

Recovery and assistance. 

Not every workout is purely about strength or intensity. Because almost all exercises with the Slimwall are performed standing, it’s the ideal partner during recovery. Use targeted exercises and the soothing effect of infrared to provide yourself with added strength, mobility and firmness.

And, as with the COCON, the Slimwall features a digital training platform and customer registry as standard.