A training schedule, made to fit.

ORIUM Fit allows you to provide each of your customers with a personal training schedule. Does someone come to you with back problems, or has it been a while since their last session? With our handy platform you can create custom schedules to get everyone moving. Get your exercises from our database containing more than 170 exercises to lose weight efficiently, burn fat and build muscle. Don’t worry, you can always use numerous pre-made programs.

A quick and easy client registry.

ORIUM Fit for professionals serves as a client registry. Collect all the necessary information from your clietns during an intake interview and keep it up to date via our program. With our platform you can also track and monitor the progress of your customers, as well as create new training schedules, …

A true personal coach.

Your customers can start and follow their training (with their personal code) via the tablet, which is supplied as standard with the COCON and Slimwall. All exercises they have to perform are shown to them, from two perspectives. This way they can always check whether they are performing the exercise correctly. In addition to this, it also gives them a timing of their training, so that at the end of it, they have a solid workout behind them.