A coach for each exercise.

ORIUM Fit carefully displays all the exercises in your schedule, showing them from two different perspectives. This way you can follow each exercise and check whether you are performing them correctly. Let the platform guide you throughout your training and provide you with a structured and intense workout time and time again.

A list of professional exercises.

All exercises in our platform are designed and filmed by operators of professional studios with more than 30 years of experience. So, you can be sure that every exercise, every program and every workout will provide you with the best results. Get everything out of your COCON or Slimwall and make optimal use of our program.

ORIUM Fit Basic

These are the features that you get free access to when you purchase a COCON or Slimwall.

  • 6 pre-made programs
  • 30 exercises
  • Add 1 extra user

ORIUM Fit Premium

These are the features that you get access to if you choose the paid version of our platform (annual subscription).

  • 20+ pre-made programs
  • 170+ exercises
  • An assortment of yoga poses as well as a full yoga session
  • Add an unlimited amount of users
  • Build your own programs