ORIUM Nutrition, the building blocks for a balanced diet.

A healthy lifestyle requires a good combination of exercise, activity and healthy nutrition. Because the latter is of such importance, we at ORIUM Life want to promote healthy food, without falling back on the clichés of traditional diets. Healthy recipes, healthy snacks and natural supplements make slimming a pleasant adventure!

Hyalu 21 Pro, the ideal partner for efficient slimming.

  • Restores the natural balance of collagen in your body
  • With hyaluronic acid against aging of the skin
  • Q10 as a boost for burning fats and sugars
  • 21 handy shots of 10 ml
  • Exclusively for ORIUM Life studios

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    Capture 21 Pro, fat and carbohydrate catcher.

    • Limits the absorption of fats and carbohydrates with a heavy meal
    • Ideal for limiting your calorie intake or for when you’re on a keto diet
    • A cheat day without risks
    • 21 handy shots of 10 ml
    • Exclusively for ORIUM Life studios
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