ORIUM Beauty, the ideal boost for a healthy life.

Beauty, health and sport are three elements that complement and reinforce each other well. ORIUM Life offers you the opportunity to provide your customers with some passive treatments, in addition to our other products.

EMS, passive muscle stimulation and toning.

Our EMS Body sculpting device stimulates the muscles, up to 7 cm deep, through short and frequent electrical pulses.

  • Repair damaged and weak muscle fibers
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Passive and localized treatment
  • 4 separate handles
  • 30 minutes per treatment

Cryolipolysis, fat-freezing with results.

Cryolipolysis means that fat cells will be locally frozen and broken apart, after which the body gets rid of these cells through natural means.

  • Treat fat cells locally
  • Reduce cellulite buildup
  • Visible result after just 2 treatments
  • 4 separate handles

Do you also want to get started with our top devices?

EMS & Cryo combined, best of both worlds.

Our Combi machine provides the best of both EMS and Cryolipolysis treatments, so you can offer both to your customers.

  • EMS & Cryo in one machine
  • As powerful as our traditional EMS
  • As cold as our traditional Cryo
  • 2 handles for each application